How Can You Start a WordPress Blog Using AIOP?

A WordPress Blog using AIOP?

Today, I’ll be show you how you can start a WordPress Blog on AIOP quickly and easily.

First of all, why should you want to start a blog? Blogging is perhaps the easiest ways to start earning money from the internet and it is not very expensive to start a blog and will cost you just a few bucks a month.

You can blog from anywhere as long as you have access to a laptop and stable (broadband preferably) internet connection. You’ll be able to blog about your hobbies or interests and earn money some money too.

A quick tutorial guide on how you can start a WordPress blog with AIOP.

To begin with, to own and build any website, you will need a domain name and web hosting.

What is A Domain Name

A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet. That is how it is defined in Wikipedia. Well it is just a name like, yahoo, google, bing etc. Your blog should have your own personalized name. My blog is and with out registering the name one cannot use that name on the web.

I register all my domain names with  and I have been getting good service from them more over the cost of the domain remains standard with them. Some of them increase the domain name when they know we can not be with out that particular domain name.

For all my other needs like Web hosting etc I use AIOP.  Not just unlimited hosing you get when you join AIOP, along with it you get an unlimited auto-responder, a professional tracking system, a down line builder and plenty of training material and Ebooks. And the support they give is awsome.

AIOP is extremely affordable and you can start from just $11.5 USD a month and with just a sale it gets free. Yes AIOP is a MLM and with just one sale all the tools in there you get it for free and  you’ll be on the road that will lead you slowly to a monthly income of$10000 plus.

Watch this video and learn how you can host and make a WordPress blog

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A Peek into Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing the Way to Go

Internet Marketing as a business has been on my mind for now for a long time without much success. I did make a few sales here an there but that is not what I am aiming for. With my architectural practice I do make enough money to meet the expenses of  most of my needs and that is what is hindering my growth as an internet marketer. My focus is getting diverted. But I can not just give up my practice and go full time with Internet Marketing. So I need to plan my work and go according to a plan. Planning is a very important aspect in Internet Marketing.

Internet has opened opportunities for any one who wants to succeed in life with a mind to succeed. There are many ways to earn as an Internet Marketer and the easiest way to start Internet Marketing is to become and affiliate of others people’s products. They call this affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate makes commissions from the sale that comes from his efforts. As an affiliate marketer you could earn a very comfortable living online without ever having their own product or service. For many people this is what attracted them into affiliate marketing in the first place. For others they begin as an affiliate because they don’t have a product of their own and then set about creating their own product as soon as they can. The bottom line is that whether you have your own products or not does not matter. You can make good money as an affiliate either way.

Obviously if you have your own products then you can recruit affiliates to sell on your behalf while you also promote the products of others. The thing that both those who do and those who don’t have their own product have in common is that they both must be passionate about the products they sell. You will never be successful in selling something that you are not interested yourself.
It takes drive and ambition to succeed at any endeavor and affiliate marketing is not any different. You must be passionate about a product or an idea in order to keep your drive and ambition alive and well for the long haul.

Whether you are marketing your own product or a product produced by others your success is directly related to how effective your marketing techniques are, how focused you are, how well you manage your time, and how much you believe in the product.

I have met many success stories online who  have used internet to build their huge multi million dollar industries. Really they earn in millions and live like Kings. Having been on the net for a long time I have understood that these guys have really put in  real hard work to reach the heights they are now at.  But it has got to be hard work done smartly. It is like sowing seeds and taking intense care till they sprout and grow in to a plant and then just maintain there till it grows and is ready for  harvest.

How To Succeed As An Internet Marketer?

I know many successful internet marketers and have always wondered what is it that is giving them this kind of success. They all have a huge list of subscribers to whom they keep selling, then        up-selling to them and down selling and all sorts of selling and they live like kings. They go to the most exotic places on earth for holidays and live in great style. It sure will be fun when I get there and I am on my way. Now how to build a list of subscribers? This is another big topic perhaps I’ll handle this in my next blog.

This blog is one of the vehicles that I made to get my to where I wanna be. Marketing is some thing that I’ve got to master to get me there. There are plenty of products there to sell, and more than three billion out there to sell to who are browsing every day searching for products. So I’ll get focused and go on my way. Perhaps you can join me and we’ll some how get there.